Dr Jean-Paul DELEUZE

The day of your hospitalization

Do not forget to wash and introduce yourself to the hospital at the appointed hour fasting (eat or drink) after midnight unless otherwise specified by the anesthetist.

Do not take drugs before arriving, unless otherwise specified by the anesthetist.

Do not forget to take important documents, including your radiographs.

After your operation

Once installed in your room during the postoperative period, you get a snack on prescription of the surgeon and / or anesthetist, the nurse will administer a painkiller intended to take over from the anesthesia when it dissipates.

Before you go home, a clinical examination and verification of hemodynamic constants are made.

The exit permit will be signed by the anesthesiologist or surgeon.

Sometimes we will have to keep for the night because of an intervention at the end of the day that lasted longer than expected, or because the conditions of home monitoring are not established.

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