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General recommendations

Regarding the operated limb, particularly the hand, we strongly recommend that you begin the mobilization exercises to prevent stiffness of problems and reflex sympathetic dystrophy.

  • In this regard, any part of the hand or upper extremity surgery is left free (not covered by a bandage or immobilized by a splint / cast one ie d) can and should even be mobilized unless otherwise directed by your surgeon.
  • Use your made in possible to make small tasks (a drink, a phone, turn the pages of a magazine or a newspaper, …) hand you use your hand during your meals (take a spoon, a fork), but do not force it, and do not wet the dressing, you can even help you hand made dress for you (unless otherwise directed by your surgeon).
  • Keep elevated above heart level hand when you rest, for example by putting a cushion for support.
  • Moreover, it is of utmost importance that you realize the mobilization exercises of the shoulder and arm in the position of the Statue of Liberty (ie of exercises big arms outstretched to the sky like the reach) and even if you have a splint or cast in « L ».
    These exercises elevation of the arm must be made at least once every 10 hours to prevent swelling of the hand.
  • For your toilet, get help, but you can also the extent of your ability to take a shower knowing that should protect your hand in a plastic bag.
  • ESR it recommended that the freshly made wound not in contact with water.
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