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Basilique Clinic
One Day Clinic - Chirec
Notre Dame Hermalle Clinic
Thursday and Friday

Before hospitalization

You come out of your consultation with Dr. Jean-Paul Deleuze, who you had tested and confirmed the need for an operation to treat you. You have therefore agreed to set a date for your operation.

After consulting Dr. Deleuze, you should contact the consulting anesthetist.

At the Basilique Clinic 02/434 21 11.
At the Notre Dame Hermalle Clinic 04/374 70 70.

This consultation must take place between one month and two days 
 prior to surgery.

The anesthesiologist will monitor your overall health, check if you have allergies to medications and decide on the possibility of general anesthesia.

The whole team is especially trained in these types specific to the hand surgery anesthesia.

At the end of the interview, one anesthetic technique is proposed and briefly explained to the patient and his family whose consent is required.

That day will set the duration of preoperative young, the choice of premedication, what to do if treatment is followed by the patient.

The more prosaic terms as basic hygiene rules, tips for clothing, transportation solution may be given.

SECRETARIAT telephone + 32 479 63 68 15
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